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Dr. Shahla Izadian

a dental researcher and aesthetic dentistry specialist, completed her PhD in dentistry at Mashhad Dental School in 2005 and completed her activities in health centers and clinics in Quchan, Mashhad clinics and specialized centers, and later in Tehran has continued. Dr. Shahla Izadian decided to have academic and academic expertise in the field of cosmetic dentistry because of her great interest and work. Then, in 2012, She obtained her specialty at Kerman University for one year and at Tehran's Azad University for two years, the entire three-year period And is currently working specifically at two offices in Jordan and Zafrania. She also holds two Implant Certificates from the University of Boston in 2006 and a Cosmetic Dentistry Certificate from Tehran Teachers' Training Center.

Dr. Bahman Derakhshan

an expert in jaw and jaw surgery, a graduate of the faculty of jaw and facial surgery in 2008 from Mashhad University of Medical Sciences. Before that, he spent two years in the city of Zahedan after graduating from the Hamadan General Dentistry Department in an out-of-center project. He served as a faculty member of the Qazvin University of Medical Sciences until 2010 and then was a member of the Faculty of the Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Tehran International Branch, for four years, and has been working in the private sector since then. During this period in Qom, they also worked as a post-graduate specialist in order to complete the license of the office. His activities mainly include jaw surgery, treatment of fractures and masses of the jaw, implant surgery and implant-related surgery such as sinus ligature, bone grafting, implant surgery, and other maxillofacial surgery, as well as facial cosmetic applications Injection of Gel and Botox.

  • پروانه شمسی پور

    افرین و مرحبا و احسنت بر دستان هنرمند و ماهر که خلقت خداوند را می تواند این چنین زیبا تغییر دهد . زنده باشید جناب دکتر درخشان

  • زیبا

    من از بیماران آقای دکتر هستم جراحی بایمکس فک‌ داشتم پیششون ، میتونم به جرات بگم آقای دکتر درخشان یکی از بهترینهای ایران هستند چه در تخصص و دقت و ظرافت در کارشون و چه در اخلاق و منش فوق العادشون ... و این جراحی با همه ی سختی هاش یک اتفاق شیرین در زندگیم بود ! امیدوارم همیشه سالم باشین و هر روز موفق تر و درخشان تر از دیروز 👌❤😍🌹🌷

  • دکتر نیلوفر مولایی

    هم خودتون بى نظيريد و هم كارتون عاليه خانم دكتر ایزدیان نازنين👌👌😍😘🌹

  • آیدا آرین مهر

    انشالله هميشه سلامت باشيد خانم دكتر ايزديان عزيز ...با لطف ومحبتتون به خيلي ها لبخند زيبا بخشيديد، از جمله خودم 🙏💐💐💐

  • میثم بکایی

    واقعا متشکرم از اسمایل‌اسپا، آقای دکتر درخشان و خانم دکتر ایزدیان عزیز که انقدر دوست داشتنی و در عین حال حرفه‌ای در کار هستن که باعث می‌شن از رفتن به دندانپزشکی لذت ببری ⁦❤️⁩

  • آزاده فراهانی

    ممنون بابت لبخند زيبایی كه شما به من هديه داديد💚دوستتون دارم💚🌹💚

Tooth Lamination

Tooth Lamination

Tooth Composite

Tooth Composite

Bone graft

Bone graft



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